Preventive Healthcare: What does it mean?

The majority of us think that going to the doctor is only necessary when we are sick, and that we can control our health through eating healthy and being active. While eating healthy and being active are a no-brainer, it may come as a surprise that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is only part of preventing illness. Preventive healthcare also plays a vital role in staying well.

Preventive healthcare involves:

  • Everyday healthy habits and exercise

  • Regular check-ups

  • Periodic biometric health screenings

  • Immunizations

It is important for all age groups to receive annual check-ups with their primary care physician. Preventive care appointments help your doctor identify potential problems and you learn to recognize changes in your body that might not be normal.

Did you know that the majority of health insurance plans include many preventive care benefits? Most corporations offer their employees a yearly biometric health screening at no extra charge. This is a great opportunity for you to “Know Your Numbers” and stay in control of your health.

Immunizations help to protect you and those around you from potentially devastating diseases. It is much easier to prevent certain diseases rather than trying to treat them. That’s why AHS has partnered with The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and we provide a variety of immunizations for adults.

At Atlanta Health Systems we believe in PREVENTION NOT PRESCRIPTION!

How Healthy is Your Workforce?

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