AHS Biometric Screening

Biometric Screening

Biometric Screenings

Biometric screenings are an important component of any overall wellness program. They can help individuals become aware of their health risks, and can serve as a catalyst for healthy action. Our onsite screenings allow you to engage your entire work force by reaching people where they work and where they live.

HIPAA compliance is strictly observed and all test results are discretely conveyed to each participant. Individual results are confidential and every employer will receive an Aggregate Report with a snapshot of the results as a group.

We can provide onsite Non-Fasting/Fasting Fingerstick or Venipuncture screenings to include:

– Height and Weight

– Blood Pressure

– Body Mass Index

– Body Fat %

– Total Cholesterol


– Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

– LDL *

– Triglycerides *

– Glucose

– One on One results counseling with our nurse or health coach

*Fasting screening only

Additional tests may include: A1c, Cortisol, C-Reactive Protein, Thyroid, Prostate, Cotinine, Bone Density, and DermaScan

Screening Brochure