Hospital Annuals

     Our mission is to support each hospital’s Occupational Health department by providing annual wellness fairs for all employees and associates. We can provide the mandatory testing needed for hospital compliance including but not limited to: Tuberculosis testing (PPD or T.Spot), Fit Testing, Medical Surveillance blood-work, and Flu vaccinations. In addition, we provide Fasting (or Non-Fasting) biometric screenings to bring health and lifestyle awareness to the hospitals most valuable assets…employees and associates!

   Atlanta Health Systems is recognized as a leader in assisting hospitals with reducing healthcare costs and improving employee job performance. We achieve this by consulting with management to develop annual, full service wellness fairs while meeting hospital compliance requirements. We are your ambassadors for promoting better health at your facilities. One size does not fit all, so we will customize your program to fit your specific needs.

AHS Hospital Annuals


    Biometric Screening

    Fit Testing

    TB Testing (PPD or T.Spot)

    Flu Vaccinations

    Medical Surveillance bloodwork

    A1c Testing

    Cotinine Testing

    Drug Screenings

    Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Testing

    Prostate Specific Antigen testing

    C Reactive protein testing

    Health Coaching

    Health Fairs


    One, local point of contact for all logistics

    Onsite RN event lead at all events

    Online appointment scheduling

    OSHA Compliant

    HIPPA Compliant

    PHI Compliant

    Onsite convenience for employees

    Educational, customized handout with screening results

    Data Integration to specified 3rd party vendors

    Aggregate Reporting

    CDC reporting for flu vaccines